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Business of the Week


 During this time, we are on hold for our Business of the Week.  The Hobart Chamber wants to promote all of our businesses during this uncertain time. 

Please do your part and support all of our businessness.  Thank them for the services they provide for us. 

The Hobart Chamber is open to serve your. Give us a call     580-726-2553 or email us direcotr@hobartokchamber. com



Name that Business


To promote our Chamber Businesses and to pass the time we will be playing a game on Facebook. 


Name that Business


A Snippet from a song will be posted


Name the Business that you feel the song is referencing


Clues (List of Hobart Chamber Businesses) are on our website www.hobartokchamber.com


Chamber Bucks will be earned on some of the posts.  Not all posts will have winners. 


Chamber Bucks will be mailed, be watching your messenger.  If you don't use messenger, and you are declared the winner, call the Chamber Office.


Support our Chamber Businesses.